Camping Mug Shave Set
Camping Mug Shave Set

Camping Mug Shave Set

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   Throw away the aerosol cans and come back to a more traditional method of shaving. The method of using a brush, soap puck and mug is quick, much easier to clean and last a lot longer.


-Hand crafted cold process shaving soap ( Cooling Mint)

-"Let's Roam" White tin camping shaving mug

-Wooden handled boars hair shaving brush

To use: Remove wrapper and place soap into mug. Pour very hot water onto your brush (not the soap). Rub the bristles in a clockwise fashion creating a lather. Apply brush to your face in same clockwise fashion. when you have a nice lather you are ready to shave. Wash out the boars hairs and you have finished!